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Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA, selected as a featured designer in the SAY IT LOUD-NOW Global Exhibition

Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA, has been selected as one of 400 featured designers in the SAY IT LOUD – NOW Global Exhibition. Click here to learn about her role as a featured designer. The SAY IT LOUD exhibition series was created by New-York based Pascale Saban, founder and executive director of Beyond the Built Environment. The Beyond the Built Environment is an organization that aims to address inequality by elevating and engaging Black architects. The SAY IT LOUD – NOW global exhibition series spotlights architects of color across the country. To learn more about the SAY IT LOUD exhibition series,… Read more »

Shannon Gathings, Assoc AIA, elected as 2021 AIA National Associate Director

We are excited to announce that Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA was recently elected National Associates Committee 2020 AIA Strategic Council Associate Representative. This position has a two-year term, with the second year of service as the 2021 Associate Director on the AIA National Board of Directors. The Strategic Council advances the profession as a unique creative body that informs the goals, objectives, and strategies of the AIA.

Duvall Decker recognized in Oculus’ 2020 Fall Issue

Fred A. Bernstein & Julia van den Hout Oculus Magazine  Fall 2020 Issue “We all want to do some kind of public good, but we could have a much bigger impact if we were joined in a collective group that shares knowledge and learning from one another.” Oculus’ 2020 fall issue looks into the issues of Climate Change and Social Justice in our country. Roy and Shannon were featured alongside their fellow Architects Declare steering committee members, including Caitlin Watson, AIA, from Kliment Halsband Architects. Architects Declare is a volunteer led-initiative focusing on the crises of climate, biodiversity, and the… Read more »

Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA, awarded the 2020 AIA Mississippi Presidential Citation

Congratulations to Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA for receiving the Presidential Citation awarded by AIA Mississippi at this year’s Mississippi Celebrates Architecture Awards Ceremony. The Presidential Citation is awarded at the discretion of the AIA Mississippi President for exceptional work that supports AIA Mississippi. Click here for more information.

Roy Decker, FAIA, speaks about the impacts of COVID-19 on long term care facilities

American Health Law Association October 15, 2020 Barry Plunkett, Healthcare Operations Consultant, Horne, LLP, speaks with Roy Decker, Founding Partner, Duvall Decker Architects, about the impacts of COVID-19 on long-term care (LTC) facilities. The podcast discusses how COVID-19 is spreading in LTC facilities and what can be done to stem the spread, including designing new and separate visitor and resident spaces and revisiting interior finishes and building materials, such as using more impervious materials, which are easier to clean and maintain. Sponsored by Horne, LLP. Listen to the podcast here.

William Doran, AIA, awarded the 2020 Deborah J. Norden Fund

William Doran (architect and community planner with Duvall Decker) and Chris Starkey’s proposal was one of two selected for award of the Architectural League of New York Deborah J. Norden Fund 2020. The Norden travel grant will support their project “Sheltered: Evaluating the Potential for Design to Shape Policy Toward the Goal of Inclusive, Intentional Communities for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.” They will visit and study enclave communities for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities across the country. Click here to learn more about their project, and the Deborah J. Norden Fund.

Roy Decker, FAIA, & Shannon Gathings, Assoc AIA, to serve on US Architects Declare Steering Committee

We believe the interlinked crises of climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and societal inequity are the most serious issues of our time. Duvall Decker Architects is honored to be amongst the first US Architects to Declare our Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Commitment as a basic condition of working for Public Good. Roy Decker, FAIA and Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA, is honored to serve on the steering committee for this declaration and group. Click here to learn more about the US Architects Declare.

Roy Decker, FAIA, to be featured as a Keynote Speaker

Roy Decker is honored to serve as the Keynote Speaker for AIA Wisconsin’s 2020 Conference on Architecture, titled the Search for Public Good. “Duvall Decker is an expanded architectural practice in search of public good. During this seminar, Roy Decker, FAIA, will share his firm’s dedication to design excellence, education, craft, and work that is infused with a search for meaning. We speculate hopefully on our culture’s health and growth. We expanded our practice, not to create separate sets of services, but to integrate broader services into one creative studio that is involved in our communities before projects are conceived,… Read more »

Roy Decker, FAIA selected as juror for 2020 COTE Top Ten Awards

We are excited to announce that Roy Decker has been selected as one of the five jurors for the 2020 COTE Top Ten Awards. The COTE Top Ten Awards is the industry’s best-known award program for sustainable design excellence. Each year, ten innovative projects are recognized for their integration of design excellence with environmental performance. Click here to find out more!

Anne Marie Decker, FAIA, chosen for the American Roundtable Selection Committee

We are excited to announce Anne Marie Decker has been chosen to be on the selection committee for the American Roundtable. The American Roundtable is a new Architectural League initiative, which will bring together on-the-ground perspectives on the condition of American communities and what they need to thrive going forward. To find out more information on the American Roundtable, click here.

The Architects Who Revitalized Jackson, Mississippi, and the Filmmaker Who Captured It

AIA – TopicArchitecture December 10,2019 Midtown, a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, was experiencing plummeting property values and rising crime rates like many other inner-city areas across the United States. Despite investments in community programs and affordable housing, Midtown couldn’t bounce back from the stress and residents continued to move out. It needed something different to revitalize the neighborhood. Duvall Decker, a Jackson, Mississippi, architecture firm, was recruited to work alongside residents and community leaders to develop a master plan. Together, they transformed the struggling area into an example of healthy community revitalization. Duvall Decker is known for strategic grassroots planning… Read more »

Zachary R. Henry, Assoc. AIA, elected to serve as AIA Mississippi’s Associate Director

Zachary R. Henry, Assoc AIA, has been elected by the members of AIA Mississippi to serve as the 2020 Associate Director. The Associate Director is in charge of fostering the relationship between the state’s students, associate members, and newly licensed emerging professionals. He was re-elected to a second term to serve as the 2021 Associate Director.

Roy Decker, FAIA, selected as presenter at the Maintainers III Conference

Ryan Chan UpKeep Maintenance Management CMMS October 18, 2019 Roy Decker is honored to have been a presenter at the Maintainers III Conference in Washington DC. This follow-up article written by UpKeep Maintenance Management CMMS shares some of his thoughts that he presented at the conference. “We learned so much at the Maintainers III Conference, but one of the most interesting presentations was by Roy Decker of Duvall Decker Architecture. Roy spoke about shifting the practice of architecture to include the entirety of a building’s life, bringing maintenance to meet architecture. His firm is leading the way in changing how architects think… Read more »

Shannon Gathings, Assoc AIA, & William Doran, AIA, selected to speak at 2019 People+ Conference

Shannon Gathings & William Doran will be representing Duvall Decker at the Association for Community Design’s 2019 People+ Conference in Greenwood, Mississippi, June 27 -29. Shannon Gathings will be participating in a panel discussion entitles “In a Tight Spot: Architects working to achieve excellence in highly constrained settings.” She will present the Mississippi Center for Justice Indianola Office Renovation as a case study of a simple project with many limitations that had a great design impact. William Doran will be giving a presentation entitled “More than a Home: Remaking a Campus for Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.” He will… Read more »

Cody Farris, AIA, to speak at Mississippi State University’s School of Architecture

Our Studio Design Director, Cody Farris, is honored to speak at Mississippi State University School of Architecture for Tau Sigma Delta’s Friday Forum Lecture Series on April 5. He will discuss his experience and contributions to the work and process of Duvall Decker and talk about his unique perspective on the meaning and consequence of design.

Roy Decker, FAIA, selected to speak at 2019 Tom Tom Festival

Roy Decker, FAIA, will be representing Duvall Decker Architects at the Civic Innovation Conference at the 2019 Tom Tom Festival in Charlottesville, Virginia on April 9. He will be among other great speakers who will be discussing the future of the industry and a revitalized approach to civic life and community.

Roy Decker Elevated to AIA College of Fellows

Jackson, MS – February 22, 2019– Roy Decker, principal of Duvall Decker Architects, a Jackson, MS architectural firm, been elevated to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) College of Fellows. Elevation to the College status is awarded by a jury of peers and recognizes achievements of national significance in advancing the architectural profession. Roy Decker was granted Fellowship in the category of Design, which is granted to architects who have produced distinguished bodies of work through design. The 2019 AIA Jury of Fellows elevated 115 members out of a total membership of more than 94,000. Only 3% of members have… Read more »