Duvall Decker’s Spring Concrete Studio 2023

WE’RE BACK, FOLKS! Join our studio once again on April 14th at 7pm for a night of rapid-fire art talks from local creators complete with drinks and some delicious made-to-order pizza from Poppy Pies.

We at Duvall Decker seek to foster a space for the community to share ideas, stories, and experiences. Concrete Studio is a space where we gather twice a year to celebrate people, art, and our thriving community. In short, we want to highlight cool people who do cool things! Concrete Studio’s storytelling platform explores inspiration, from people to places, to culture and movements, all right in our own backyard.

This April, we’ll be joined by eight creators to hear their stories about life and art using only 20 images, where each image will be on screen for 20 seconds. Twenty images, twenty seconds each, that’s it. Think of it as a quick-paced rapid-fire story that keeps everyone engaged (and they only speak for less than 7 minutes!). We value what our speakers are contributing to the place we call home and we are so excited to hear their stories!

We will set up right in our own backyard in Fondren, so don’t forget your lawn chairs! This community event is free to the public and all are welcome. See y’all there!

April 14th | 7PM | Food + Drink | Free Entry