Duvall Decker Featured in Mississippi Business Journal

By Lisa Monti
Mississippi Business Journal
Aug. 2, 2023

The Mississippi Business Journal shares historical anecdotes and testimonial interviews from Principals, Roy Decker and Anne Marie Duvall Decker, and Arlington Center for Community Engagement client, Walt Cabe, discussing the 25-year history and inspiration of the practice.

“From the start, the couple believed that architecture was more than aesthetics or a source of income. Decker, quoting his wife and partner, said, “If you practice in a state like Mississippi, you see it as a radical act of service and at the same time an artistic intervention into the lives of all that are affected by the work. In those early days, he said, “We just felt like the architecture profession could be redefined to be a leader in the community, providing opportunities for economic development and working for a more healthy environment and society. But 25 years ago, the idea that an architecture firm could be a leader in the conversation for a more healthy, just, and equitable society was inspirational to us.”

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