The Reserves at Gray Park Featured on Architizer

Duvall Decker’s project, The Reserves at Gray Park, has been published in an online feature on Architizer. Architect and Project Manager, Shannon Gathings, AIA lead an interview discussing the inspirations, challenges, and insights in the project.

Architizer writes, “In Greenville, like many towns in Mississippi, years of white flight increased the city footprint and lowered density. The Reserves at Gray Park was an opportunity to provide right-sized infill housing for Greenville’s missing middle, a shift from single-family housing to support non-traditional families, individuals living alone, and extended nuclear families. Duvall Decker’s challenge for the project was to repurpose an abandoned park in the middle of a neighborhood to provide much-needed housing density and diversity.”

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Duvall Decker Rethinks the Nature of Public and Private Space and Develops Eco-Friendly Reserves at Gray Park