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GAME CHANGERS: In the Heart of Mississippi, Duvall Decker Built a Grassroots Network to Grow Its Practice

By Martin Pederson METROPOLIS Feb. 19, 2019 JACKSON, Miss. — Twenty years ago the husband-and-wife team of Roy Decker and Anne Marie Duvall founded the architecture firm Duvall Decker. It was a bigger leap of faith than even they realized. They wanted to make contemporary work, contribute to their community, and run a profitable business. Lofty aspirations all—for almost any architects, in any market—but the Deckers’ goals came with a higher degree of difficulty. They were setting up shop in Jackson, Mississippi, a shrinking city in the Deep South, with about 183,000 residents (roughly 17,000 fewer live there today), conservative aesthetics, low… Read more »