The character of the built environment matters to our health and well-being. Duvall Decker designs, develops, and cares for the built environment.  We create forms and spaces that resonate with our individual and collective hopes and foster cultural growth. 


Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.

Architecture. Planning. Interiors.    (design)

Duvall Decker Architects is dedicated to providing clients with buildings that meet their needs, budgets, and schedules and also surprise and delight their sensibilities with design quality.  We strive to make buildings that people love and are proud of, buildings that endure in material and memory. 


Dunn Management 


Dunn Management is dedicated to the comprehensive care of buildings and grounds.  Our services transform operation and maintenance from burden to opportunity.  We improve energy efficiency, extend effective building life, and allow the building and grounds to quietly nurture the goals and aspirations of inhabitants.


Eldon Development 


Eldon Development is dedicated to formulating projects that contribute to the diversity and density of our towns and cities.  We speculate upon the sustainable, livable, local, and interconnected forms and spaces of our future.