The Architects Who Revitalized Jackson, Mississippi, and the Filmmaker Who Captured It

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December 10,2019

Midtown, a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, was experiencing plummeting property values and rising crime rates like many other inner-city areas across the United States. Despite investments in community programs and affordable housing, Midtown couldn’t bounce back from the stress and residents continued to move out. It needed something different to revitalize the neighborhood.

Duvall Decker, a Jackson, Mississippi, architecture firm, was recruited to work alongside residents and community leaders to develop a master plan. Together, they transformed the struggling area into an example of healthy community revitalization.

Duvall Decker is known for strategic grassroots planning that leads to sustainable growth. “We work toward community initiatives and interventions that can instigate change,” says Roy Decker, principal at Duvall Decker and lead planner. “Midtown. A Blueprint for Better” is a short documentary film depicting the positive changes of Midtown’s master plan.

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