Shannon Gathings, Assoc AIA, & William Doran, AIA, selected to speak at 2019 People+ Conference

Shannon Gathings & William Doran will be representing Duvall Decker at the Association for Community Design’s 2019 People+ Conference in Greenwood, Mississippi, June 27 -29.
Shannon Gathings will be participating in a panel discussion entitles “In a Tight Spot: Architects working to achieve excellence in highly constrained settings.” She will present the Mississippi Center for Justice Indianola Office Renovation as a case study of a simple project with many limitations that had a great design impact.
William Doran will be giving a presentation entitled “More than a Home: Remaking a Campus for Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.” He will be presenting one of our newest projects, the Baddour Center in Senatobia, Mississippi, set to break ground this July.