About us. The character of the built environment matters to our health and well-being.  Duvall Decker Architects, P.A. designs, develops, and cares for the built environment.  We create forms and spaces that resonate with our individual and collective hopes and foster cultural growth.  Our planning practice seeks to promote public good as we act as servant leaders.  As servants, we use our position to discover a community's roots by listening to and promoting the community's voice.  As leaders, we use our skills, resources and professional training to lead communities in planning efforts.  Our knowledge of past and present trends, quantitative analysis and statistics allows us to understand how issues interrelate and allows us to provide best practices for solutions.

Our Process.  While we meet linear timeline goals, our planning process is non-linear, as we are consistently weaving in and out of phases.  Community engagement and outreach is the spine of the process, and research is the foundation.  Connecting quantitative data with personal stories reveals the true community.  Analysis flows out of research, but it also perpetuates it, creating new circles of research.  Analysis points us to planning solutions, which points us back to research.  We provide a guidebook that reflects the roots of the community and includes research, analysis, and best solutions for improvements.  The purpose of the guidebook is to be a tool that can empower political, social, and environmental change. 


Our Approach.  We believe the most valuable approach to planning is building consensus.  The means to consensus is listening.  Our process requires a series of opportunities to listen and respond to the community.  This allows us to identify common themes and issues that the community agrees upon and identify appropriate solutions.  We pursue a variety of listening opportunities to ensure participation for all of the diverse voices within the community.  We facilitate meaningful a conversation among these groups. 


North Midtown Master Plan 

West Jackson Master Plan