Duvall Decker recognized in Oculus’ 2020 Fall Issue

Fred A. Bernstein & Julia van den Hout
Oculus Magazine 
Fall 2020 Issue

“We all want to do some kind of public good, but we could have a much bigger impact if we were joined in a collective group that shares knowledge and learning from one another.”

Oculus’ 2020 fall issue looks into the issues of Climate Change and Social Justice in our country. Roy and Shannon were featured alongside their fellow Architects Declare steering committee members, including Caitlin Watson, AIA, from Kliment Halsband Architects. Architects Declare is a volunteer led-initiative focusing on the crises of climate, biodiversity, and the emergency of societal inequity. Thanks to Fred A. Bernstein and Julia van den Hout for the great article.

You can read the Face of Change Article here.