Oakridge House, Jackson, MS
Oakridge House
Jackson, MS
Rowan Hall, Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS
Rowan Hall, Alcorn State University
Lorman, MS
Springdale Municipal Campus, Springdale, AR
Springdale Municipal Campus
Springdale, AR

Ashmead Home, Chester County, PA

Ashmead Home

Chester County, Pennsylvania

A new 2,500 square foot private residence on a 9.4-acre nature preserve in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The house sits at the top of the property looking south to the mountains beyond. It offers a high overlook in its tower observatory, an intimate walled court, and screened extension to the master bedroom. Each aspect of the house connects its residents to the unique qualities of the site, both distant and near. Construction is planned to be complete in June of 2019.

Oakridge House, Jackson, MS

Oak Ridge House

Jackson, MS

A three-bedroom single family home with open living/dining space and detached screen porch and pool. The L-shape house plan consists of a public wing designed like a courtyard sitting between the street and the private rear yard, and a more private bedroom wing along the south side of the property. An inner green rear yard is an extension of the living space connected by a full wall of curtainwall. The design comfortably accommodates daily living patterns and is durable and ecologically mature. Direct and indirect light color and characterize interior spaces throughout the day. The sun is directly harnessed to produce energy and heated water. The material pallet builds space for experiences through expanded contrasts; between rough to smooth, hard and soft, cool and warm.

2016 National AIA Housing Award
2013 AIA Gulf States Region Honor Award
2012 AIA Mississippi Honor Award

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Rowan Hall, Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS

Rowan Hall

Alcorn State University, Lorman, Mississippi

Rowan Hall, built in 1928, was the first building constructed on the campus and served as the University’s administration building. The renovation included a full restoration of this historic building and included interior and exterior finishes, windows, enclosure systems, and mechanical and electrical systems. The faithful restoration met or exceeded all the requirements for historic preservation described in the National Park Service Secretary’s Standards for Rehabilitation. A separate structure was added to the rear of the building to house the new elevator and exit stair required for use of the second floor. The new revived building houses the campus health center.

Coahoma County Higher Education Center, Clarksdale, MS

Coahoma County Higher Education Center

Clarksdale, Mississippi

This project creates a space for education, community programming, and events. A joint project of Coahoma County, Coahoma County Community College, and Delta State University, the complex is a culmination of the needs of the three entities, providing a 150-seat conference center, classrooms, distance learning facility, resource center, demonstration kitchen, and administrative offices. The existing gym was transformed into a new conference center, and a new 12,700 square foot classroom building was added to the complex. Sited around the historic Cutrer Mansion, the ensemble overlooks the bluff from the city to the river bottom lands, framing the historic mansion and linking the complex to the city grid. The project celebrates the community’s diversity and the region’s landscape, culture, blues heritage, as well as its full and complex social history.

2011 AIA Mississippi Merit Award
2011 Design with Brick Honor Award

2915 N. State Street, Jackson, MS

2915 N State Street

Jackson, MS

Renovation of a one-story commercial building into an architect’s office and studio, keeping slightly reminiscent of its 1950s ancestry, while stepping into the current emerging arts district environment. The transformation began with removal of the roof and interior walls. Within the existing exterior walls and foundation, a new steel frame provided the support for the higher roof and created an open plan, while large wall openings were cut to allow for natural light, entry doors, and views. Insulation and a new skin of slate and standing seam metal layered over the existing masonry walls created a more watertight, insulated enclosure while preserving existing materials. The configuration of the light monitors shields the spaces below from direct sun while providing indirect light and color that changes with time of day, time of year, and weather conditions. Duvall Decker acting through its development entity, Eldon Development, led the development and financing of the project and served as architect for the design of the facility.

2007 AIA Mississippi Merit Award

Missisippi Library Commission, Jackson, MS

Mississippi Library Commission

Jackson, MS

The Mississippi Library Commission is both a lending reference library and a service institution supporting libraries all over the state. The building houses all the divisions of the Library Commission including the library for the reading impaired, the Mississippi author first editions collection, the state’s reference library, and patent and trademark records. The design of the 60,000 square foot building is organized by multiple public gathering spaces, including the entry lobby, gallery, main public meeting room, the northern-lit main reading room, and an outdoor green. Each of these centers are linked by an indirect pause, and the circulation strategy invites exploration and browsing. The building stakes its place on the site with a shadow plinth, and its exterior skin weaves southern highlights and shadows into an ever-changing surface that seems alive, breathing in the phenomena of its environment. The interior design was completed as an integral part of the project including all loose and system furnishings, shelving, artwork, and accessories for the building.

The Mississippi Library Commission building has been singled out as one of the 50 best libraries in the country, but more importantly, it has become a favorite sanctuary and library for its patrons and other librarians in the state.

2010 AIA Design for Decades: Civic Buildings
2008 AIA Gulf State Region Honor Award
2007 American Architecture Awards
2006 AIA Mississippi Honor Award
2006 AIA Mississippi Sambo Mockbee Award

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