Oak Ridge House

Program: Single family, three bedroom home with open living/dining space and detached screen porch and pool. The L-Shape house plan consists of a public wing along the front of the house and a more private bedroom wing along the south side of the property. An inner courtyard is an extension of the living space with only a glass curtain wall separating the two.

Site: Wooded site on Oak Ridge Drive in Jackson, MS

Project: The design comfortably accommodates daily living patterns and is durable and ecologically sensitive. The sun is utilized to color and characterize interior spaces throughout the day, produce energy and heat water. Material textures are natural slate, concrete, and wood. Visible steel frame construction with higher ceilings, longer spans, and extensive natural light is found in the more public spaces. Wood framing, privacy walls, and smaller openings for light and views are typical for the bedroom wings.

Status: Completed

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